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Environmental Health and Protection

  • An integrated Real-Time Physiological Status Monitoring (RT-PSM) system that produces actionable information on thermal work strain for the Civil Support Teams National Guard Bureau. (USARIEM)
  • Evidence based improved knowledge will be used for revising Technical Bulletin Medicine 505: Altitude Acclimatization and Illness Management. (USARIEM)
  • Patent pending for a materiel solution to improve manual dexterity in cold weather operations. (USARIEM)
  • Field study validation of mobile app for Cold Weather Ensemble Decision Aid (CWEDA) to prevent injury in cold weather operations. (USARIEM)
  • Heat strain thermal model that provides operational work guidance to prevent heat injuries in military working dogs. (USARIEM)
  • Validation Naphthalene Dosimeter Technology (USARIEM)
  • Environmental Health and Risk Management (eHARM) Medical Integration Tool (USACEHR)
  • Multimodal Cognitive Platform for Assessment of Exposure-related Neurological Health Effects(USARIEM)
  • Biomarkers for liver/kidney effects from toxic exposures (USACEHR)
  • Biomarker system for assessing likelihood of injury resulting from environmental exposures (USACEHR)
  • Heat Strain Decision Aid to prevent likelihood of heat injuries/heat stroke (USARIEM)
  • Cold Weather Ensemble Decision Aid to prevent cold injuries and provides optimized planning tool for selections of clothing and boots for cold weather operations (USARIEM)
  • An integrated Real-Time Physiological Status Monitoring (RT-PSM) system that uses ultra-low power system-on-a-chip for the Health Readiness and Performance System. (USARIEM, MIT-LL)
  • Multimodal Cognitive Platform for Assessment of Exposure-related Neurological Health Effects(USARIEM)
  • Algorithms for health effects for liver/kidney from toxic exposure(USACEHR)
  • Effects of acetazolamide administration on endurance exercise at high altitude to improve work performance. (USARIEM)
  • Biomarkers and risk factors of heat injury and heat stroke. (USARIEM)
  • Guidance for divers for cold water dive profiles. (NEDU)
  • Flavanols effects on maintaining thermal comfort and manual dexterity during cold exposure. (USARIEM)
  • Materiel solution for metabolic sensing. (MIT-LL)
  • Rapid saliva test for hydration status monitoring. (GAIA Medical)
  • Canine Thermal Model Application (CTMApp) for thermal management of Military Working Dogs
  • Mobility/ Load Carriage Decision Aid to prevent injury and optimize performance
  • Ultralow Power Wearable to Monitor Health State for improving health, readiness and maximizing performance
  • Soldier Optimization Decision Aids to sustain health, improve readiness and optimize physiological, cognitive and psychological performance of SM in extreme environments
  • Improved Soldier readiness by reducing the impact of environmental stressors on performance and health
  • Improved hand dexterity in cold weather operations with facial and forearm heating capabilities
  • Improved Soldier comfort and work performance with microclimate cooling for hot weather operations
  • Preventive measures to decrease incidence and severity of heat injuries during training in hot environments

Injury Prevention & Reduction

  • Validated physical fitness standards that help to align the right Service member to the right job (USARIEM)
  • Neurosensory return to duty toolkit to aid clinicians after a Service member has received a mild traumatic brain injury (USAARL)
  • Army color vision testing standards for Army Aviation accession (USAARL)
  • Objective musculoskeletal injury risk prediction imaging tools and biomarkers (USARIEM)
  • Head Supported Mass Criteria: guidance to inform how much and where weight can be added to the head and for how long without causing cervical neck pain and/or injury (USAARL)
  • Low level blast and head impact exposure dosimeter (WRAIR/USAARL)
  • Validated impulse noise exposure standards (USAARL)

Physiological Health & Performance

  • Nutritional intervention (Performance Readiness Bar) to mitigate musculoskeletal injury in Army Initial Military Training (USARIEM)
  • Guidelines for iron supplementation in female recruits during Army Initial Military Training to mitigate risk of anemia (USARIEM)
  • Web-based fatigue algorithm predicting performance in the face of sleep restriction and caffeine use (WRAIR/BHSAI)

  • 2BAlert Mobile App Decision Tool to promote individualized mental acuity in the face of sleep restriction and caffeine use (WRAIR/BHSAI)
  • Nutritionally optimized food products for an expeditionary force (USARIEM/CFD)
  • Tailored sleep – interventions and tools for enhanced control of sleep / alertness during sustained military operations (WRAIR/BHSAI)

Psychological Health & Resilience

  • Characterize threats to psychological health and well-being of Service members and military Families across the full spectrum of military operations
  • Identify moderators of risk and resilience and deliver evidence-based interventions (e.g., behavioral health leadership training; cognitive bias modification tools; leader support tools; individual and small-team skills training) to sustain and enhance mental health, readiness, and performance outcomes
  • Develop validated military-relevant assessment tools and measures
  • Deliver evidence-based leader tools to enhance psychological fitness and readiness
  • Evidence-based approaches for mitigating suicidal thoughts and behaviors, substance abuse, sexual assault, and risk taking behaviors



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