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Psychological Health PTSD and Resilience

Soldier climbing on bars
Navy Lt. Cmdr. Joseph Edwards embraces his wife and child
Navy/Defenselink photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael H. Lee

Over one-third of enlisted Service Members fail to complete their first term of enlistment, often due to behavioral health and psychosocial difficulties. Psychological health problems are the second leading cause of evacuation during prolonged and/or repeated deployments. Estimates suggest that 20-40% of Service Members experience behavioral health problems post deployment and nearly half of those identified do not follow up when referred for further care.

The goal of MOMRP Psychological Health, Resilience and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Resilience research is to develop and deliver evidence-based strategies and tools to support and restore psychological health and support readiness. The program consists of research in PTSD, Suicide Prevention, Resilience, Substance Abuse Prevention, Family Resilience, and Violence within the military. MOMRP conducts scientific meetings to analyze progress and portfolio status by engaging the scientific expertise of internationally recognized leaders in their field, select military and DoD leadership, representatives from federal agencies such as Veterans Affairs (VA) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other select stakeholders positioned to support and utilize the deliverables of Army and DHP-funded medical research.

PTSD and co-occurring disorders are a substantial problem that threaten Warfighter health and readiness. Providing effective PTSD treatment for our Service members is an extremely relevant issue for national public health. Service members with untreated (or ineffectively treated) PTSD are less able to perform their duties at their full capacity, thereby potentially affecting the nation’s security. Effective treatment allows Service members with PTSD to serve with their units and to contribute to their mission, thereby ensuring the security of the US and its allies.

Working Groups that support Psychological Health and Resilience and PSTD research are: (1) Early Assessment and Interventions to Support Service Member Psychological Health, which has two sub-groups – (a) Early Assessment and Intervention Strategies and (b) Substance Abuse, and (2) Military, Family and Community Psychological Health and Resilience.


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