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Physiological Health and Performance

Soldier vision test Soldier and Climb

Current research efforts within the MOMRP Physiological Health and Performance Research Portfolio include work addressing nutrition and weight balance optimization, cognitive health and performance sustainment in the face of challenge (including fatigue and sleep), and establishment of a physiological basis for resilience to operational and environmental stressors. The goals of the portfolio include increased readiness in the face of sustained and/or repeated deployments, optimized healthy lifestyle, increased resilience to operational and environmental stressors, decreased deployment-associated health problems and improved physical fitness.

This research portfolio area has convened a series of scientific meetings and reviews focusing on support for basic and applied prevention and treatment research that address Warfighter cognitive and physical resilience, performance and readiness. The purpose and scope of strategic planning workgroups is to formulate recommendations for the MOMRP Director toward development of evidence-based strategies for the Army and DoD. Participants included internationally recognized leaders in their fields of expertise, select Army leadership, and other select military and civilian representatives positioned to support Army and other Services medical research.

Working Groups that support Physiological Health and Performance research are: (1) Nutrition and Dietary Supplements, (2) Fatigue Mechanisms and Countermeasures, and (3) Aviation Mishap Prevention.


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